The Women’s Luxury Guild (WLG) is an organization that assists in theadvancement of luxury entrepreneurs and executives within the luxury industry.Please read our mission statement and about us here.

The Women’s Luxury Guild is open to luxury professionals only. MBA students entering the luxury industry are welcome to apply. There is a review process for applicants to WLG and we look to keep the network at exceeding lyreputable standings, so references in the industry are required. For more information, please read our become a member page here.

The Women’s Luxury Guild is an organization built on empowerment, support and known as a major touchstone for women in luxury. We are the only international organization for women in luxury. The WLG is built on principles that seek to position every woman that comes through the Guild as a 360 degree professional in the luxury business world.

We invite and welcome men to join the WLG as our strict policy is to promote integration and not segregation. Men that support WLG values are welcome to partner and support the Guild as well.

Yes, membership can be cancelled at the end of the active member tenure. If membership is not cancelled before the renewal date, Guild membership will remain active until the following renewal date.

PROGRAM? Yes, for more information please email our program director Stephanie Prattat Spratt@womensluxuryguild.com


The Women’s Luxury Guild has a strict privacy policy. The Women’s Luxury Guild will not sell your information.

There is an icon on the top right hand side of the site that that will allow you to create a username and password to access e-books, comment on the blog, news updates and more.

For website issues, please contact techsupport@womensluxuryguild.com

Your account information can be updated when you are logged into your account under account settings.


To become a member of the Women’s Luxury Guild, you must be invited or apply for membership. The Application for membership to the Women’s Luxury Guild is here.

Use of the Women’s Luxury Guild logo is strictly prohibited unless there is a corporate partnership set in place.

For website issues, please contact techsupport@womensluxuryguild.com

Whether you are on business or traveling, WLG events are open to all Guild members. We encourage meeting other women within the WLG network globally.