The Women’s Luxury Investment Network (WLIN) is a private club for women who seek to invest in the luxury business – for seed and early stage luxury organizations. These opportunities typically come with a chance to influence and guide the organization.

That is why we seek women with knowledge and experience in the luxury business – because they are in a position to contribute more than just funds … thereby helping their own investments succeed. 
The WLIN offers access to these opportunities through the Women’s Luxury Guild, a highly respected forum for women (only) with backgrounds in the luxury sector. The Network also provides optional education developed specifically to support the novice investor who is a member of the Guild.


WLIN offers tiers of investment levels, so that we offer opportunities that fall only within the comfort level of each individual investor. At every level, we look for situations that allow the investor to apply her own knowledge of the luxury market to improving the likelihood of her investment’s return.

  • Third tier investments: $50K-100K

  • Second tier investments: 200K-500K

  • First tier investments: $500K-1 million

  • Elite tier: $1 million +


  • Must be an accredited investor verified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange

    Commission (SEC)

  • Must have held a leadership position in a company (preferably luxury-

    oriented) as a high-ranking executive or successful entrepreneur

  • Demonstrated Qualitative and Quantifiable levels of professional success o Must be a member of the Women’s Luxury Guild o Must have been involved in Due Diligence, Screening and Analyzing deal flow via WLIN boot camp or previous investment experience

  • Must be interested in Seed and Early Stage companies focused on luxury

    merchandise / services

An accredited investor is qualified to make investments according to rules set forth by the SEC.  
An individual must meet at least one of these two requirements:

  • Individual or household net worth in excess of $1 million (excluding value

    of primary residence)

  • Individual income in excess of $200K — or joint income with a spouse in

    excess of $300K — for the past two years, with reasonable expectation of the same in the current year


To request an application to become an investor, please contact: Stephanie Pratt at Spratt@womensluxuryguild.com Please add Request to Subject line: WLIN Application.


To participate in our semi-annual pitch forums to present your luxury brand, please email us for an application request to: pitchforum@womensluxuryguild.com

(Must be a member of the Women’s Luxury Guild)